Was established on the 8th day of December 2004 as a Consultancy Firm of Surveyors and Engineers


Profile of Firm

Samaward, is a Consultancy firm of engineers, and surveyors, providing services under one umbrella,

and co-ordinating specific range of surveying and consulting services to corporateorganizations

and individuals in the country.


The various professionals in the firm and its associates posses, high level of knowledge in design,

construction management, surveying, property valuation, resettlement and mining engineering.

They also possess a sound track record of experience in handling various projects and programmes

with diverse organizations


Business purpose
Samaward will provide outstanding professional and expert engineering / surveying services to all

relevant markets.


Mission Statement
• To create a place of work and a work environment in which we can best serve the customer's


• To establish a business that affords the best possible financial security to all

• To maximize job satisfaction

•To encourage the professional development of all

• To fulfill the customer's requirements to the best of our professional ability



• Professionalism

• Trust

• Positive Attitude

• Reliability